Sunday, 28 February 2010

Formspring - is pretty wank...

Formspring is one giant invitation for; cowards to be rude whilst hiding behind a keyboard and a computer screen; stalkers to find out information about you that you didn't want them to know; boys to find out whether they are in with a chance and is a general opportunity for people to scrutinise, critisise and compliment...

I have been complimented:
"You're astoundingly beautiful and you're eyes are especially amazing. any boy would be lucky to have you."

"why do you talk down to people"

Asked about sexual preferences:
"Oral sex. Opinions?"

And asked random questions that hold no purpose and will add no value to life, but maybe a little humour:...
"Polar bears are white - discuss?"

To see more questions and hideously un-PC responses check it out :)
And ask yourself :)

The Beginning.

So this is what I spend my time doing, when undoubtedly I should be spending my time on coursework and whatnot...

I have never had a blog - I have always just written in a diary... So this blog will probably end up being a documentation of various incessant ramblings that occur and my daily annoyances.

Enjoy the rant ladies and gents, I hope it lives up to your expectations.